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Private Academic Tutoring

Private Academic Tutoring focuses on students who require academic support in school subjects (whether college prep, honors or AP level) or students that wish to have a deeper understanding of the academic material.  There are times in a student’s academic career that they require individual support outside of the classroom, especially when there are less and less subject matter experts within school systems.

What sets us apart from other tutoring centers is that we only hire the most qualified academic tutors who meet strict vetting standards.  Our tutors are evaluated by higher standards than what you would normally find through the New Jersey Teacher’s certification process. However, our tutors are teacher certified and possess all the qualifications.

We also work diligently with students to set goals and help them achieve their academic goals at each stage of their academic development.


Radical Learning offers mathematics tutoring for students from 6th grade through high school and also at the college level.  Our mathematics professionals are not only highly trained in mathematics content, but also in mathematics instruction techniques to engage students in understanding the material and how it is derived versus a low-level memorization process.

Science Educational Services

We offer science tutoring and educational services for students from 9th – 12th grades.  Our science professionals are highly trained in biology, chemistry and physics at the college preparatory, honors and AP levels.

English/Writing Services

Our English and writing services include the following structure and processes and can be utilized for language art classes, history classes or any writing-based class.  Our tutors have specific expertise in English Literature and History that can be utilized with our writing tutoring.

  • Thesis statement development
  • Research paper development and organization
  • Essay writing including college essays
  • Grammar education and review

Academic Enrichment Services

Academic Enrichment is for students who do not necessarily need support for in school academic classes but wish to obtain a deeper and richer understanding of the subject matter.  Academic enrichment takes the following forms:

Academic Enrichment (in a private tutoring setting)
Academic enrichment goes beyond classroom learning to enrich student understanding of the material.  Our mathematics academic enrichment services pairs students with a private master tutor to provide students with enriched understanding including derivation of concepts, application of mathematic concepts in science and business and higher order thinking tasks where solutions are based on the student created assumptions.

Art of Problem Solving Club
The Art of Problem Solving is an internationally recognized program.  This enrichment mathematics program teaches students to use mathematics as a problem solving tool that develops lateral thinking and advanced problem solving. This club also prepares students who wish to practice for the AMC 8, 10, and 12 tests.

This club meets once a week for students to explore mathematics on a different level.  This club begins with problems that are used in the Math Olympiad and teaches students how to think about math through problem solving.  Our master teacher who has participated in math competitions is well trained in the fundamentals of math competition and explores these specific math concepts with students. He also gives the students insight into how top mathematicians think about math and how they connect ideas to approach complex mathematical problems.

The club is interview based so admission to the club is based upon a interview process that identifies a student’s desire and commitment to the team.

Mathematics for Engineering Majors (MEM) Enrichment Course
This is a college level course that prepares students who are entering college as Engineering Majors.  This course is the gateway course to success in Mathematics in Engineering in college and was developed by College Level Engineering Professors.

This is a two-year course that is a total of 16-weeks broken out into two 8-week sessions.  One session will take place in junior year for an 8-week period and the second half of the course will take place during 8-weeks of senior year of high school.  This class will run twice a year, once during the school year and once during a summer session.

Calculus Preparation for students entering college mathematics
This is a preparatory class for students who have graduated from high school and will be entering college calculus.  AP Calculus courses are not preparing students for college calculus at high-level institutions or for students entering STEM programs.  This class is designed to help students master the understanding of calculus for application, as well as the vital fundamentals of computation skills that are necessary to master prior to engaging in a college level calculus course.

AP® Test Preparation

AP® testing has become a standard practice amongst students seeking to apply to top college programs.  With top college programs becoming more competitive, it becomes more important to properly prepare for these exams beyond the actual course work in school.  Our teachers have a proven track record in helping students achieve a score of 5 on these tests and have taught these classes for decades.  We have proven test materials and methodology to help students succeed on these tests.   (AP Test Dates 2019)

We offer AP® test preparation for the following tests:

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ISEE, SSAT & PSAT Test Preparation

When it comes to high stakes test preparation for your student, it is important that you prepare with proven experts.  We have experts who have prepared students with our proven methodology and exceptional content knowledge so that your student can take these exams with confidence.


Managed by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) helps assess a student’s readiness for attending an independent school. Some say the ISEE is to private schools admissions testing what the ACT test is to college admissions testing. While the SSAT may be taken more frequently, schools typically accept both.


SSAT is the Secondary School Admissions Test. This standardized admissions test is offered at test centers throughout the world and, similar to ISEE, is one of the most widely used exams by private schools everywhere. The SSAT serves as an assessment of a student’s skills and readiness for high school academics.


The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a standardized test normally taken in 10th or 11th grades. It is also a standardized test which many private high schools accept as part of their applications process. Our College Admissions Guide explains how the test works in case you decide to take it. Many secondary schools will accept these scores in place of the ISEE or SSAT.  National Merit Scholarship Program is a program that utilizes the PSAT as an initial screening for this program.

PSAT Test Dates

SAT & ACT Preparation     

Our SAT/ACT preparation is unique in that it is extremely customized to meet the needs of the individual student.  Unlike many large test preparation companies that deliver a one-size-fits-all program, Radical Learning provides customized preparation and guidance for the individual student.  Our teachers/tutors have over a decade of experience with test preparation expertise. In addition, we also have true content knowledge beyond just test preparation techniques.

Our process entails:

  • Evaluation and analysis of current test results
  • Evaluation of best test for student achievement (ACT vs. SAT)
  • SAT/ACT preparation in all sections
  • Customized homework packets to meet the needs of the individual student

Read our Article:   SAT vs. ACT – That is the Question

SAT Classes:  

Register Now:  May 4th Test Date:      Sundays 4-8 pm          March 24th  – April 28th  Register Now!


SAT 800 Class (The SAT 800 Class is for students who have scored or can provide a 1350 or above on a PSAT or SAT test and who are looking to master the test. This is a qualified class and you must be approved. Please call for details. )           Details and  Registration





SAT Test Dates | ACT Test Dates

PSAT – for National Merit Scholarship Qualifications

The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a standardized test normally taken in 10th or 11th grades. It is also a standardized test which many private high schools accept as part of their applications process. Our College Admissions Guide explains how the test works in case you decide to take it. Many secondary schools will accept these scores in place of the ISEE or SSAT.  National Merit Scholarship Program is a program that utilizes the PSAT as an initial screening for this program.

PSAT Test Dates

SAT / ACT Simulations Test

SAT vs ACT is one of the most difficult choices for students entering this process.  While the SAT has a long history in the world of college admission the ACT has emerged as its key competitor.  There are many factors to consider when students are deciding which test to prepare for and which test gives them the best chance for success in the process of meeting their individual goals.

Simulated Test:

Take practice tests in a simulated timed environment to help practice timing and testing techniques.

Radical Learning offers simulated testing throughout the calendar year to assess students in practicing for these high-stakes tests.

SAT vs. ACT comparison test

At Radical Learning we have a statistically valid SAT/ACT comparison test that was written specifically to determine if a student has a natural aptitude toward one test or another.

We provide a custom report that is generated specifically for that student with a tremendous level of detail which helps guide the student’s future SAT or ACT preparation.

Sample SAT vs. ACT comparison Report

Pricing of SAT/ACT Preparation

College Essay Writing

College essays have become one of the distinguishing factors in the college admission process for selective, highly selective and most selective colleges and universities.  We are unique because we have assisted students in gaining entrance into top schools by providing them with a high level of customized guidance during this process.  We assist students in finding their unique voice, allowing college admissions officers to understand your student beyond the statistics.

The process:

  • Interview to identify unique experiences and/or qualities
  • Outline of essay with unique aspects
  • How to communicate concisely
  • How to grab the reader’s attention and get them to know you as an individual
  • Grammar and structure check

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