Specificity in math matters !

Functions and their Inverses 

A common mistake made by math teachers and students alike:

All relations have inverses but not all inverses are functions.  Please don’t say that the inverse does not exist because it

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We overheard a teacher telling a student to use the inverse when the teacher really meant find the reciprocal.

These terms are NOT interchangeable.

Here is an example:            take the function      f(x) = x2

The inverse is      f-1

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 SAT vs ACT — That is the Question 

This question is so often asked and there are varied opinions.  Let’s break down the major differences and then discuss how to make this decision.

The SAT was redesigned in 2016 and …

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Why accelerating students in math classes leads to less understanding.

Why is it that as we accelerate more students in their mathematics education with each passing year the students seem to understand less and less math?

As a math educator/tutor …

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